Natalia Domínguez Rangel is a Colombian/Dutch visual artist and music composer currently living and working in Vienna and Amsterdam. Her practice includes making sculptures, installations, and performances, her workdelves into the intersection of sound and sculpture, crafting immersive encounters.


Driven by a deep curiosity about the connection between sound and sculpture, she explores how these two mediums can intertwine. The interplay of materiality, spatiality, temporality, stillness and interaction forms the bedrock of her artistic endeavors, as she deftly responds to the surrounding environment and current events and draws inspiration from everyday listening experiences and as well the acoustic impacts in our environment.


However, Domínguez Rangel's exploration goes beyond the surface, as she delves into the realms of critical listening and the broader acoustic ecologies that exist beyond human-generated sounds. By focusing on the physiological and psychological impact of sound on the body and environment, she seeks to deepen our understanding and connection to the sonic world around us.


In her sculptures and compositions, Domínguez Rangel explores a visual representation of critical listening, delving into the intricate layers of structures, textures, forms, impact and materiality. This nuanced approach invites viewers to engage with the hidden nuances of sound its impact and encourages a profound contemplation of our own bodily ecosystems and their interconnectedness with the environment.


Domínguez Rangel has exhibited her works throughout Europe and Latin America in various contexts, from festivals, to galleries, museums and interventions in public spaces. She is a docent in the field of sound studies since 2017 at Design Art Technology department of ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL and teaches Sound in Sculpture at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (mdw) in Vienna, AT


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