The Sasha

Music for Film (2019) 20 minutes

Director: Maria Molina Peiró
Cast: voice of Tania Theodorou
Sound Design: Sergio González Cuervo
Music: Natalia Domínguez Rangel


On 1972 the astronaut Charles Duke landed on the Moon on the Apollo XVI. He was in charge of taking photos of the lunar surface with a high-resolution camera.

‘The Sasha’ is a fictional video essay about the human perspective on Earth and our constant struggle with our temporal and spatial limitations. From the exploration of space to cyberspace, from a family portrait to a photograph of the Earth, from an analogue Moon in 1972 to a virtual Moon in Google Earth today.

In the film archive material from Apollo  Mission and from the history of space-photography is mixed, animated and post-produced to create a loop of parallel universes where eternity seems to be lost between frames and interfaces.



Feb 20
LIMA media art platform, Amsterdam (NL)
Jan 28
IFFR, Rotterdam (NL) - Cineramana 2
Jan 25
IFFR, Rotterdam (NL) - Kino 1
Jan 24
International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Rotterdam (NL) - Kino 1