Music and sound design (2015)

Commissioned by artist Alexandra Navratil

Loop 11’11’’

The music for video Silbersee was inspired from the grains of the photography. The transparency and Navratil’s interposition from the photographs. In this piece I explored the color and shape of noise as an ode to the grains and the chemical results of such contaminated environment. I portrayed the static approach of photography with the use of percussive minimal sounds and synths like the way dots of unmixed color are juxtaposed on a white ground.


Apr 21
LatvianCentre of Contemporary Art, Riga (LV)
Jan 27
International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)


Dec 12
Dag in de Branding; Het Diepe van de Regentes, The Hague (NL)
Oct 14
Frieze London, London (UK)

© Alexandra Navratil