"Overlap" from the series Acoustic Ecologies

Sound Sculpture (2020)

Opening: 6.3.2020
Show: 7.3.–1.11.2020



Glass, alluminium sheet, wood, coaxial speaker, shotgun microphone, wires, amplifier, mixer, player.

"Overlap" is a sound sculpture that listens its acoustic environment and encapsulates in the shape of an electroacoustic composition the acoustic ecology that surrounds it. It's a collaborative work of augmented layering of the ambient and bleeding of present with past moments in time.

"For her sound installation, Natalia Domínguez Rangel aims to create a listening space of acoustic ecology that co-exists with its surroundings in time. For ALLES WAR KLAR, she has collected characteristic sound material from the productions of the surrounding sculptures by Ingarden, Artaker, Schmale and Brown and arranged it with recordings from the Künstlerhaus during the renovation. In the installation that hangs from the ceiling, Dominguez Rangel combines her composition with acoustic interferences of the visitor's movements in the exhibition space."  Exhibition Curator Tim Voss






Sep 26
A State of Amplitude by QUARTAIR - Rewire Festival, The Hague (NL) - Show Ends
Sep 09
A State of Amplitude by QUARTAIR - Rewire Festival, The Hague (NL) - Opening


Nov 01
ALLES WAR KLAR, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna (AT) - Show Ends
Mar 05
ALLES WAR KLAR, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna (AT) - Opening

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