Steel, Australian and Norwegian sea shells, 10 x 8 x 4cm

Domínguez Rangel's sculptures and installations are concerned with how sound affects and resonates with the body physiologically and psychologically, and how critical listening extends connections to diverse acoustic ecologies other than the anthropophony. In non-human-matters, Domínguez Rangel has made a series of sculptures using bronze, stainless steel, glass and 3D print. She invites us to contemplate the intricate and dynamic nature of our bodily ecosystems and how we are interconnected to the environment. By highlighting these connections, her work encourages us to engage in critical listening and better understand the complexity of our existence.


Aldea Gallery
Bergen, Norway
16.03 - 16.04.2023
Group show with Nicolas Lamas and  George Henry Longly 
photos: © Simon Veres


Apr 16
Aldea Gallery, Bergen (NO) - Show Ends
Mar 16
Aldea Gallery, Bergen (NO) - Show Ends