Palace Ruin

Site specific sound Installation (2016)

Riga Biennale: 02.06.–08.09.2018 - Riga (LV)
Zuidas: 14.08.–14.10.2016 - Amsterdam (NL)

Loop of 14'25''

for 4 speakers and 2 subwoofers.

The sound installation was specifically composed for Palace Ruin. Project by James Beckett together with TAAK.

The sound installation is a deconstruction of classical musical pieces originally programmed and performed in the “Paleis voor Volksvlijt”. The sound of sonic fissures: ridges, noise, all coming from being torn apart by fire, form part of this sonic environment.




Jul 19
Riga Biennial, Riga (LV)


Sep 23
Zuidas, Amsterdam (NL)

© James Beckett