Box of Pain

Sound Installation (2017/18)

Box of Pain is a sound artwork that outlines sonic fictions and audio hallucinations. It’s an installation that questions the limits of sound as a disembodied phenomena and architecture as a material demonstration.

1x parametric speaker, 3 x strobe lights, 270° rotating motor, wooden box.

Note: The audio file is the stereo version for the audio installation Box of Pain. It was specially build for a moving parametric speaker. So the effect of the sound has a different impact in situ. 

With the support of Fonds Podium Kunsten

W139, Amsterdam (NL)
Group show “w serves imperialism” 

Opening: 15.12.2017
Show: 16.12.2017–21.01.2018

Room : 2.73 

Opening: 25.09.2018
Show: 26.09-30.09.2018



Sep 30
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Sep 25
PARALLEL Vienna (AT) - Opening
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Dec 15
W139, Amsterdam (NL) - Opening

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